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Survival Cache Podcast: Bug Out Bags #1

Welcome to the all new Survival Cache Podcast. Listen as two survival experts, Doc Montana and Drew explore and update the discussion on theBest Survival Podcast Blog “Bug Out Bag” and dive into the origins and philosophy of the Bug Out Bag, I’m Never Coming Home Bag, Get Out of Dodge Bag, etc. concept. In addition to the origins, they really focus on the actual bag itself (size, quality, brand names, etc.) They also talk about different bag wisdom gained through experience, such as “big carries light better than small carries heavy.” You can also expect these two experts to touch on all of the basics of the bag contents themselves, like water filtration, fire, and food. In future episodes, you can expect a deep dive into bug out bag shelters, clothes, and first aid. Thanks for listening, supporting and sharing this podcast among your friends and family. This episode is the 1st in a series of 4 episodes on the topic of Bug Out Bags.

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