The Survivalist Podcast

Surviving A Crazy World

Episode 19: Tim MacWelch, Author and Outdoor Life Magazine Blogger

The team interviews survival expert Tim MacWelch. Among other things, the team discusses Tim's New York Times best selling book How to Survive Anything. Tim's book alphabetically details threats from A - Z  and explains how survivalists can overcome these challenges. Of particular note, the team discusses threat Z: zombies. While our experts find a zombie… Read More

Episode 12: Winter Survival Part 2

Matt Gould, Mark Puhaly, and Doc Montana return to continue discussing winter survival. Among other things, our panel of survival experts discuss dehydration and heat…

Episode 11: Winter Survival Part 1

Matt Gould and Doc Montana discuss winter survival in this episode of TheSurvivalistPodcast. As an adept skier in Montana, Doc Montana is an authority on…