Surviving A Crazy World

Episode 19: Tim MacWelch, Author and Outdoor Life Magazine Blogger

tim_macwelch_how_to_survive_anything_articleThe team interviews survival expert Tim MacWelch. Among other things, the team discusses Tim’s New York Times best selling book How to Survive AnythingTim’s book alphabetically details threats from A – Z  and explains how survivalists can overcome these challenges. Of particular note, the team discusses threat Z: zombies. While our experts find a zombie threat highly implausible, they discuss the cultural and social relevance of zombies. On a metaphorical level, they may represent desperate or unprepared individuals. In a way, they represent ethically devolved people. What do zombies tell us about our nature? What would you do for your children? In a nature devoid of law, how savage can humanity become? However you view human nature, it is better to be prepared than not.

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