Surviving A Crazy World

Wilderness Survival

Episode 17: Bug Out Simulation – Springfield, MO

Doc Montana plays out a bug out scenario in order to highlight what to properly anticipate in an emergency scenario. For his event, Doc uses Springfield, MO as the starting location of his scenario. Using the characters of his scenario, Dick and Jane, Doc teaches listeners how to properly handle a bug out scenario. Among… Read More

Episode 13: Joe Nobody and Holding Your Ground

Mark Puhaly, Doc Montana, and Matt Gould interview prolific survival author, Joe Nobody.  In this episode of The Survivalist Podcast, the team explores the details of Joe's new book Holding Your Ground.  The book entertains the possibility of a full government shutdown and descent into chaos. Armed with historical examples and military tactics, Joe Nobody… Read More

Episode 12: Winter Survival Part 2

Matt Gould, Mark Puhaly, and Doc Montana return to continue discussing winter survival. Among other things, our panel of survival experts discuss dehydration and heat related injuries. Additionally, the crew goes over some common misconceptions. Don't underestimate or romanticize the prospect of a winter survival scenario. The winter provides little and is unforgiving of mistakes… Read More

Episode 11: Winter Survival Part 1

Matt Gould and Doc Montana discuss winter survival in this episode of TheSurvivalistPodcast. As an adept skier in Montana, Doc Montana is an authority on winter survival. Listen and learn to protect yourself from the unforgiving winter elements. In resource scarce environments, it is crucial to possess the knowledge to adapt and survive. So Many… Read More

Episode 10: Survival Gear Part 2 With Tim Ralston

Timahawk inventor, Tim Ralston, comes back on the program to discuss survival strategy with the team. Building on his last appearance, Tim Ralston discusses survival gear with our resident experts. The team focuses on the bare necessities of survival including flashlights, shelters, medical care, and footwear. Additionally, the team goes over some surprising uses for… Read More