Surviving A Crazy World

Urban Unrest

Episode 22: Spy Techniques with Jason Hanson

We talk survival techniques with Jason Hanson, former CIA Officer. Jason draws upon a decade of CIA experience to give us advice on how to navigate difficult situations. After his career with the CIA, Jason uses his unique set of skills to teach people to avoid danger and overcome it.  Regardless of how safe you… Read More

Episode 19: Tim MacWelch, Author and Outdoor Life Magazine Blogger

The team interviews survival expert Tim MacWelch. Among other things, the team discusses Tim's New York Times best selling book How to Survive Anything. Tim's book alphabetically details threats from A - Z  and explains how survivalists can overcome these challenges. Of particular note, the team discusses threat Z: zombies. While our experts find a zombie… Read More

Episode 18: Urban Survival with Richard Duarte

The author of Surviving Doomsday: A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster, Richard Duarte, joins the program to discuss survival strategies. As 80% of the population lives in suburban or urban environments, urban survival strategy is a crucial and often overlooked aspect of prepping.  We live in an unpredictable and dangerous world. Unfortunately, urban dwellers… Read More

Episode 17: Bug Out Simulation – Springfield, MO

Doc Montana plays out a bug out scenario in order to highlight what to properly anticipate in an emergency scenario. For his event, Doc uses Springfield, MO as the starting location of his scenario. Using the characters of his scenario, Dick and Jane, Doc teaches listeners how to properly handle a bug out scenario. Among… Read More

Episode 15: TEOTWAWKI Scenarios

In the spirit of the holidays, the team discusses the possibilities of human extinction. Moreover, the team discusses how exactly humanity and society may fail. The three top scenarios for human extinction are: nuclear war, climate change, and pandemic. How realistic is it that these will happen? What preventative measures can be taken? Even if… Read More

Episode 14: Firearms With Dan Cavallaro

The resident experts of The Survivalist Podcast sit down with a special guest, Dan Cavallaro, to discuss firearms. Cavallaro has years of experience around firearms and is a recognized authority on the subject. Among other things, Cavallaro and the team discuss situational awareness, best weapons for survival situations, and how to overcome an active shooter… Read More

Episode 13: Joe Nobody and Holding Your Ground

Mark Puhaly, Doc Montana, and Matt Gould interview prolific survival author, Joe Nobody.  In this episode of The Survivalist Podcast, the team explores the details of Joe's new book Holding Your Ground.  The book entertains the possibility of a full government shutdown and descent into chaos. Armed with historical examples and military tactics, Joe Nobody… Read More

Episode 7: Election Riots and Long Term Bug Out Solutions

Do you think that the current election cycle might cause unrest?  You are not the only one.  Should you and your family be ready for a long term bug out if things go bad in the US elections?  Will there be urban unrest?  Listen to our experts Mark Puhaly, Doc Montana and our in house… Read More

Episode 5: The Bug Out Bag

People call them by different names, Go Bag, Get Out of Dodge Bag, INCH (I'm Never Coming Home) Bag, Emergency Kit, and of course Bug Out Bag.  But all of these names really mean the same thing.  Something bad has happened and the supplies in this bag are going to help you and your family… Read More

Episode 3: Lights Out

On this episode, we take a look at Ted Koppel's bestselling book Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath.  Along with special guest Doc Montana, we examine the all-too-real possibility of an extended nationwide power outage that could leave 100s of millions of Americans in darkness for months.  Are you ready?  Is… Read More