Surviving A Crazy World


Episode 24: Actor, Director, and Innovator Dan Fogler

Dan Fogler, star of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, joins the program to chat with Matt and Doc Montana. As writer, director, and star of Don Peyote, Dan Fogler discusses the survivalist aspects of his film. Discussion of Don Peyote leads into a greater discourse on the progression¬†of humanity and speculation into mankind's… Read More

Episode 21: Shot Show Review

Doc Montana and Joel are back from Shot Show in Las Vegas to talk about their experiences. Shot Show features firearms, military equipment, and survival gear not yet available to the public. In addition to new, unreleased products, Shot Show attracts some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Among other great weapons, hear… Read More

Episode 20: Survival Hacks with Tim MacWelch

Tim MacWelch, survival trainer and author, returns to the program to discuss survival hacks with Doc Montana. Our host Matt Gould guides Doc Montana and Tim MacWelch through a variety of categories. The pair of survival experts give their tips for security, defense, shelter, cooking, fire, and x-factor. Listen to learn why triathlon goggles and… Read More

Episode 8: Travel Preparedness

Our team of survival experts¬†discuss prepping strategies for travel scenarios. If conditions deteriorate on your trip, will you be prepared? As long as you understand the challenges each trip entails, you will be better off than most. Our experts discuss what to expect from different situations and environments. What most people don't realize: travelling exposes… Read More