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Bug Out Bag

Survival Cache Podcast: Bug Out Bags #1

Welcome to the all new Survival Cache Podcast. Listen as two survival experts, Doc Montana and Drew explore and update the discussion on the “Bug Out Bag” and dive into the origins and philosophy of the Bug Out Bag, I'm Never Coming Home Bag, Get Out of Dodge Bag, etc. concept. In addition to the origins, they really… Read More

Episode 18: Urban Survival with Richard Duarte

The author of Surviving Doomsday: A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster, Richard Duarte, joins the program to discuss survival strategies. As 80% of the population lives in suburban or urban environments, urban survival strategy is a crucial and often overlooked aspect of prepping.  We live in an unpredictable and dangerous world. Unfortunately, urban dwellers… Read More

Episode 17: Bug Out Simulation – Springfield, MO

Doc Montana plays out a bug out scenario in order to highlight what to properly anticipate in an emergency scenario. For his event, Doc uses Springfield, MO as the starting location of his scenario. Using the characters of his scenario, Dick and Jane, Doc teaches listeners how to properly handle a bug out scenario. Among… Read More

Episode 16: Bargain Preps

Monte Miles joins the team to discuss thrifty prepping strategies. You don't have to break the bank to be ready for calamity. The team discusses how you can take advantage of yard sales, pawn shops, and cost effective outlets to stretch your dollar. Furthermore, the team discusses important consumer strategies. What items are worth the… Read More

Episode 14: Firearms With Dan Cavallaro

The resident experts of The Survivalist Podcast sit down with a special guest, Dan Cavallaro, to discuss firearms. Cavallaro has years of experience around firearms and is a recognized authority on the subject. Among other things, Cavallaro and the team discuss situational awareness, best weapons for survival situations, and how to overcome an active shooter… Read More

Episode 10: Survival Gear Part 2 With Tim Ralston

Timahawk inventor, Tim Ralston, comes back on the program to discuss survival strategy with the team. Building on his last appearance, Tim Ralston discusses survival gear with our resident experts. The team focuses on the bare necessities of survival including flashlights, shelters, medical care, and footwear. Additionally, the team goes over some surprising uses for… Read More

Episode 9: Survival Gear Part 1 With Tim Ralston

Our resident survival experts welcome croval inventor, Tim Ralston, onto the program to discuss survival gear. Tim discusses the origin of his inventions, merits of his gear, and thoughts on prepping. The team explores further with thoughts on firearms, gear, and melee combat.  They discuss the good, bad, and ugly of survival stories. Among other… Read More

Episode 5: The Bug Out Bag

People call them by different names, Go Bag, Get Out of Dodge Bag, INCH (I'm Never Coming Home) Bag, Emergency Kit, and of course Bug Out Bag.  But all of these names really mean the same thing.  Something bad has happened and the supplies in this bag are going to help you and your family… Read More